Fringed Epaulet with Rhinestone Buttons
Elevate the military trend with this creatively detailed epaulet to accentuate your chic jacket. This piece can simply bring your look right up to the hot world of fashion. Wear as a brooch or an epaulet.
$13.80 $7.00
Metallic Beaded Fringed Epaulet
Give your top that edgy, tailored, and citified twist by the sassy update of this finely crafted epaulet. The patterns of chains and studs are streamlined; the effect is totally cool and vibrant. Wear as a brooch or an epaulet.
$16.80 $9.00
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LUX Colorful Enamel Butterfly Brooch with Swarovski Rhinestones
Intricately detailed in an artsy butterfly ensemble, this elaborate enamel brooch encrusted with iridescent Swarovski rhinestones in multiple hues make dressing up extra glamorous and fun.
Fringed Epaulet with Buttons
Indulge in a pair of this chic epaulet and get your trench or blazer that new look! With these creative pieces on each shoulder sleeves, the chain dangles and shimmering metal can truly create that captivating effect. Wear as a...
$11.80 $5.00
Fringed Epaulet Sail
Have you ever wondered what can make your chic jacket looking extra special? Wonder no more as this sassy navy inspired, silver-toned epaulet can do that amazing trick for you. Wear as a brooch or an epaulet.
$10.80 $5.00
Gold-plated Chinese Cloisonne Sunflower Brooch - Green
Gold plated.
  • Green
  • Orange
Fringed Epaulet with Metallic Buttons and Elements
Just imagine what a vintage military epaulet can add to your wardrobe! Create that powerful look and exude an aura of modern collaboration of timeless and sophisticated elegance. Wear as a brooch or an epaulet.
$14.80 $8.00
Fringed Epaulet with Acrylic Rhinestones
Shimmering acrylic gems in crazy cuts suggestively create that wild yet polished effect to your look. Featuring a creative blend of gems and chains, this epaulet creates a new wave of high style and citified spin. Wear as a brooch...
$15.80 $8.00
Fringed Epaulet Stripe with Rhinestones
Create a modern sophisticated spin to your timeless blazer... This dazzling epaulet crafted intricately with chains, studs, and rhinestones can creatively make the transformation with an eye-catching flavor. Wear on the shoulder as an epaulet or on the collar as...
$14.80 $8.00
Fringed Oval Epaulet and Brooch with Rhinestones and Rivets
Designed with lush rhinestones and rivets with the added charm of dangling chains, this epaulet creates an amazingly impressive and classical effect worthy of praise. Wear as a brooch or an epaulet.
$15.80 $9.00
Large Guinea Fowl Feather and Beaded Flower Brooch & Clip
A whimsical statement! Bold and exotic with a sharp floral gesture, this exceptional brooch/hat piece is a fine coalesces of guinea fowl feathers of black and white with a striking flower beads centerpiece.
LUX Colorful Wind Wheel Swarovski Rhinestone Brooch
Luxuriously in iridescent Swarovski rhinestone with a zest of colors, just the perfect brooch for either your sweater, scarf, dress or purse. Such a pretty little thing with a myriad of ways to use it!
LUX Purple Swarovski Rhinestone Butterflyand Flower Brooch
Playfully sophisticated with an artistic take to flower-and-butterfly design, this brooch embellished lavishly with Swarovski rhinestones is your wardrobes striking counterpoint. Be bright and surprising - flaunt a brooch that says it all.
LUX Gold Ribbon Brooch with Swarovski Rhinestones
Simple and classic yet preppy in every way - clad with Swarovski rhinestones in a vintage ribbon like pattern, this brooch adds a subtle luxurious touch of elegance to your overall look.
Gold-plated Chinese Cloisonne Tiger Brooch - White/Clear
Gold plated.
  • White/Clear
  • Pink
  • Red
  • Blue

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