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Crystalmood Pure Titanium Victorian Pattern Hair Stick
When a touch of vintage is never too much - this hair stick offers a spectacular deco that makes an up do sublimely special. Light weight and sturdy with a clean-cut polished metallic finish, this piece is made of pure...
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Miao Tribal Metal Butterfly Hair Stick with Oval Embroidered Piece & Tassels
This is a truly vintage, exotic and highly sophisticated accessory. It is an outstanding hair stick that comes with both flair and functionality. It features a well-crafted floral frame and colorful embroidery piece that turns your everyday hair-do to something...
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Metal Wire Hair Stick and Bun Cover 2-pc Set Fish
This beautiful metal wired bun cover and hair stick set provides a simple and creative way to keep your hair neatly packed. It features a fish pattern and a stick with heart at one end that creates a versatile range...
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CrystalMood Handmade Carved Wood Hair Stick Carp Leap Lacquered
The carp, symbolizes success in business, is captured in this elaborate hand carving in boxwood and lacqured with rich hue. Fashioned into an elaborate 6.75 inch hair stick, this piece will draw attention and begin conversations. It is an eye-catching...
LUX Clear Swarovski Rhinestone Propitious Cloud Gold Finish Hair Clip
A fascinating decorative cloud design with the glamorous speckles of Swarovski rhinestones, this hair clip offers the timeless elegance that only a hair accessory can bring.
Adjustable Peacock Feather Hairband
Series of peacock feathers wrapped in adjustable fashion on a hair band makes it blithely and easy to pull-off. There is something about this piece that makes it alluring and sensational, perfect for any day glamour.
LUX Swarovski Rhinestone & Zircon Champagne Peacock French Twist Comb
Exquisitely designed like a peacock and encrusted with brilliant Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, this french twist comb creates a major fashion transformation when it comes to your hair. Let your hair shine in style with this lavish accessory!
Layered White & Royal Blue Feather Hair Barrette Clip with Rhinestones
Oversized, bold, and distinct - captured in a whimsical hair barrette cascaded with white feathers and crystals plus a striking royal blue highlight and sparkling purple gem is well beyond a major deco. This piece is gentle on the hair...

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Black Lace Bracelet w/ Roses & Finger Chains Set
A chandelier bracelet and a ring chain all in one! This lace bracelet with bold lustrous accents draping from the wrist down to the fingers is a just a stunning surprise to the world of fashion.
Nickel Finish Front Draped Body Chain Bodychain
Take a captivating change from your usual accessory - this body chain gives you that breathtaking accent and a touch of attitude. With its dressy feel and layers of chains, it clings and falls away from your body dramatically.
LUX Purple Swarovski Rhinestone Gold Teardrop Necklace Earrings Set
Simply divine in an eye--catching teardrop crystals hanging delicately on an exquisite chain encrusted with Swarovski rhinestones, this necklace and earring set is a perfect accent for a bride's special day.
Black Lace Bracelet w/ Chain Tassels & Beads
Lace and lustrous beads highlight this charming bracelet, an eye catching accent to complete your look. Make that exciting statement and get wowed with your choice!
LUX Daisy Swarovski Rhinestone Enamel Necklace Earrings Set Silver
For a beautiful springtime look on your special day, this surprisingly elegant multi-colored and multi-floral necklace and earring set boldly takes fashion to a new degree of playful sophistication and style.

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