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Gold Finish Enamel Phoenix Hair Stick with Rhinestones - Green
Roll up your hair into a neat bun without having to worry about its appearance and lustre as this classy hair piece is the perfect accessory for you. Shiny frame and colorful exterior, it's the whole package.
  • Green
  • Pink
  • Yellow
  • Red
  • + 2
CrystalMood Carved Peachwood Hair Stick Sailing
Here is an astonishing piece of creative hair stick that adds class and allows you to explore your style and sense of fashion. Just as the ship sails smoothly on the sea, this hair stick features a design crafted and...
Gold Finish Enamel Butterfly Hair Stick with Rhinestones - Red
Here is a perfect combination of rhinstones, gems and enameled butterfly pattern. It is a spectacular hair accessory that fits right into any occasion and allows you to take the spotlight everywhere you go.
  • Red
  • Champagne
  • Blue
  • Pink
  • + 1
CrystalMood Handmade Carved Ebony Wood Hair Stick Fairy Wing
This uniquely shaped hair stick is the perfect piece to complete your blazing look. It transmits an imagery of romance, fantasy and transformation while the slender and sleek stick body makes it extremely versatile in use. There is really no...
LUX Violet Swarovski Rhinestone & Zircon Floral Decorative Comb
Get in style with a pretty floral ensemble! Dappled with vibrant Swarovski crystals and rhinestones, this hair comb is a fascinating and dazzling accent to give your usual do a dose of creativity and charm.
Crystalmood Cellulose Acetate Rectangle Filigree Hair Barrette w/ Rhinestones - Brown
Charming and designed with elegant filigree pattern, this cellulose acetate barrette adds a distinct touch to any hair style. With its catching hues, this piece can be work any time of the day.
  • Brown
  • Tiger
  • Black&White
  • Blue
  • + 1
Clear AB Rhinestone & Pearl Forehead Jewelry Bindi with Teardrop
For an amazing exotic update, inspire an incredible look with a forehead jewelry that shimmers with every drop of light. Crafted with luscious rhinestones and faux pearls, this is an accent that brings out a creative drama in your look....
Gold Finish Bridal Pearl and Rhinestone Butterfly Hinged Hair Claw Clip Champagne
This eye-popping hinged floral hair clip barrette combines the perfect amount of pearls and rhinestones with an ultra elegant and exciting butterfly design - the result of which is pure elegance.

complete your look

Peacock Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
For that great bohemian update, try the fluttering trend of this ultra chic peacock earring. Who wouldn't want to get caught flaunting around in this season's most loved accessory? Definitely not you!
LUX Swarovski Rhinestone Crystal Ring - White/Clear
A breathtaking Swarovski crystal wrapped in rhinestones rendered in shining silver is all about a ring that feels as good as it looks on the finger. This is a brilliant take to a classic promise ring with a contemporary touch...
  • White/Clear
  • Lilac
LUX Floral Swarovski Rhinestone and Pearl Bridal Necklace Earrings Set
Regally walk down the aisle with this matching set of necklace and earrings clad with pearls and Swarovski rhinestones in a perfect floral and vine ensemble. Luxurious and demure, this is gorgeously detailed for your precious moment.
Fringed Epaulet with Acrylic Rhinestones
Shimmering acrylic gems in crazy cuts suggestively create that wild yet polished effect to your look. Featuring a creative blend of gems and chains, this epaulet creates a new wave of high style and citified spin. Wear as a brooch...
$15.80 $8.00
LUX Topaz Swarovski Rhinestone Circle Floral Necklace Earrings Set
Gathered like glistening multi-faceted flowers, this matching pair of necklace and earrings can definitely strike up an amazing look. Made especially for your special occasions, this is a guaranteed stunner.

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