Colorful Feather French Twist Updo Decorative Hair Comb
Have fun and give your hair that festive affair with flashy feathers and colorful tones. This pretty combination of feathers in one hair comb is a great way to start your wardrobe.
Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Butterfly French Twist Comb
Discover the exotic collection of multi-colored feathers and a fluttering butterfly in whips of sparking rhinestones. Releasing vibrant shades of blue and indigo, this dazzling hair comb is an ultimate eye-catching charm especially designed to glamorize.
Peacock Feather and Rhinestone Decorative Comb
Give your hair irresistible dose of hues and sparkling crystals with a piece of comb that elicits raves of characteristic luxury. Swathed in brilliant hues of green and indigo feathers, this hair comb is bound to exude an incredible sizzling...
Multi-colored Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
For an amazing bohemian experience, go lavish with the plush hues and multifaceted texture of this pair of feather earring. Truly a magical blend of colors, this piece is ideally stunning and deeply striking for any occasion.
Feather Hair Clip w/ Peacock Feather and Rhinestone
For an added wow factor, dress up your do with a pop of color from a feather clip. You can never go wrong with a feather to brighten up your look.
White Feather Bridal Hairband Kit Adjustable Removable
A thrilling come-back of the absolute versatile style for high fashion brides, this headdress makes your precious moments truly unforgettable. Swathe in white feathers, this feather piece is also adjustable in the band in order to perfect a stunning angle...
Antique Brass Peacock Pendant Necklace with Feather
Get the accent that you look for in this peacock inspired pendant necklace. Try now and bring on the new wave of colors!
$8.80 $4.00
Multi-colored Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
A bit of blue over layers of muted colors makes a look that's a good blend of eye-catching aura yet nicely restrained. So neatly clustered with impeccable fusion, this is the distinct piece of feather earring that balances prim and...
Green Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
Go natural and breezy with a feather earring that looks great for any occasion. This pair features a soft jolt of green enclosed in a hint of black creating a look that's casually nonchalant yet trendy. It is suspended freely...
Peacock Blue Feather Hair Clip
Flashy and exciting - two words that best describe what this hair clip is all about. Crafted exquisitely with the vibrant and cushy peacock feathers, this is an ultimate statement making piece.
Layered Peacock Feather Hair Clip & Brooch
Evoke retro elegance with a striking parade of peacock feathers in prominent hues of indigo and green. Accentuated with dazzling crystal stone, this hair clip is dedicated to capture a moment of fun-filled glory.
Curly White Feather with Bejeweled Bow Hairband Adjustable Removable
There's truly something unequalled about pure white feathers that make brides look romantically stunning. Seductive and timeless, the gorgeous and sumptuous flight of lush plumage and crystals bestowed into a hair band is unbeatably cinematic
Black Feather Ribbon Decorative Comb
Have a blast and give your hair that personal touch. This feather hair comb designed like a ribbon is a smashing update for that feminine and girly side of you.
Gold Feather Earcuff with Pearl [pc]
Looking for something to match a simple yet elegant outfit? Set in a gleaming gold finish, adorned with an ornate gold feather and topped with a faux pearl, this earcuff would be perfect!
Peacock Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
For that great bohemian update, try the fluttering trend of this ultra chic peacock earring. Who wouldn't want to get caught flaunting around in this season's most loved accessory? Definitely not you!
Red and Brown Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
A pop of red over a toned down hue of black and brown, this feather earring is definitely an eye-catching piece. Getting a look that transcends a fad to mainstream is made possible with this celebrated piece.
Peacock Feather Earrings with Sterling Silver Earwire
Bold and enchanting, define a look of fluttering flair. This peacock feather earring displays the vibrant hues of blue and yellow with subtle touch of green hanging from sterling silver wires. Naturally refreshing and frisky - it is an eye-catching...
Peacock Feather Hair Clip with Rhinestones
Free-spirited and flashing with colors, this peacock feather hair clip is an ultimate stand-out. Mix this trendy update with the anything basic and plain and you are good to go!
Peacock Feather Hair Clip
It's all about the details: distinct peacock feathers in hues of blue and green, supple texture, and black shimmering gem. Shaped in exciting proportions, this hair clip is the perfect counterpart to a sultry, fun-filled and adventure seeking wardrobe.
Layered White & Royal Blue Feather Hair Barrette Clip with Rhinestones
Oversized, bold, and distinct - captured in a whimsical hair barrette cascaded with white feathers and crystals plus a striking royal blue highlight and sparkling purple gem is well beyond a major deco. This piece is gentle on the hair...
White Chopstick Hair Stick with Mask and Black Feather Tassels
Add a bit of mystery to your look with this fantastic hair accessory. This chopstick hair stick features a miniature mask, black feather tassels, abstract pattern and smooth stick that serves perfectly to hold your hair in place.
Adjustable Peacock Feather Hairband
Series of peacock feathers wrapped in adjustable fashion on a hair band makes it blithely and easy to pull-off. There is something about this piece that makes it alluring and sensational, perfect for any day glamour.
Multi-colored Curly Peacock Feather Hairband Kit Adjustable Removable
Go flashy and swirly with a flirty headdress that never fails to stand out in awesome glory. This hair band is elaborately crafted with multiple facets of varied feathers and hues. Intensely colored in shades of green, purple, and blue,...
Classic Peacock Feather Hairband Kit Adjustable Removable
Express yourself and release your passion for fashion in one signature headdress that makes a flighty style that is special in every way. This hair band features adjustable feather piece in layers of exciting hues and catchy patterns.

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