Machine Carved Vintage Wood Hair Stick for DIY Peachwood
Add drama to your usual hairdo by creating a modern day charm with a twist of vintage art. Lovers of vintage style will definitely be mesmerized and fixated with this piece of carved hair stick. Every cut and curve is...
Machine Carved Wood Hair Stick for DIY Ribbon Peachwood
This is art - for you hair! Appears delicate but is actually quite sturdy. Graceful carved ribbons curl around the top of this wooden hair stick. Machine carved and hand polished.
Machine Carved Wood Hair Stick for DIY Peach Flower Peachwood
This finely detailed peach flower perched atop this peachwood hair stick is lovely and a chic addition to any outfit. The fine grain of the wood is enhanced with the finely polished sheen that increases with use. Machine carved and...
Machine Carved Wood Hair Stick for DIY Nirvana Peachwood
Be sassy and have fun; add delight to your day-to-day look. The curious engraving of this hair stick will surely be a distinct feature on a carefully done coiffure or an untamed hairstyle. This ornate wood hair stick is intricately...
Machine Carved Wood Hair Stick for DIY Plum Flower Peachwood
The plum blossom is used as a decorative focal point in Japanese and Chinese designs. Now, this elaborately carved ume is captured in this hair stick and the natural sheen of peachwood. Classic and charming, this piece makes a stunning...
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