Crystalmood Flexy Hair Styler Floral Up-do Stick 3-Flower

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Coolly casual and completely luxe, this floral decorated hair styler in refreshing shade of colors is all you need to give life to your usual up do. Give your pony tail that twist and enjoy the beautiful accent the blooms can do to your hair.

Measurements: Flowers: 5.5" long by 2" wide; total length: 26". Functional length: 24".

Getting your hair done in high fashion is made easy using the Flexy hair styler. This flexible metal stick styler is wrapped with fabric and accentuated with decorative flowers in one end.

How to Use CrystalMood FLEXY Floral Hair Styler/Bun Maker

  • Gather your hair up into a ponytail using an elastic band. Pass the Flexy hair style through the base of ponytail and pull all the way until it reaches the decorative side.
  • Twist the Flexy hair styler around the base of the ponytail. Make sure it is tight enough to give you a firm anchor as you work on the entire ponytail.
  • Pull the end of the Flexy hair styler and twist same time so the entire length of the ponytail is wrapped by the styler.
  • Twist the wrapped hair around the base of the ponytail and tuck in the ends neatly by pushing it underneath the roll.
  • Finally, adjust the decorative flowers for a more secure and finer finish.
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Crystalmood Flexy Hair Styler Floral Up-do Stick 3-Flower
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