Crystalmood Carved Bubinga Wood Wide-Tooth Pocket Comb Cloud

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All natural and polished for a softer feel, this wooden comb is designed for a woman who deserves every day shiny and healthy hair. Wooden combs, with its natural fibers helps spread out your hair's natural oils keeping it smoother and healthier day by day. If you want to avoid split ends and hair breakage, this is the comb that is best for you since it does not create static like plastic comb does. This is one of nature's gifts and having it would last a lifetime. Designed with an artistic vibe, this comb is also a great gift to someone close to your heart.

Measurements: About 4" by 2.75". Teeth part: 3" wide, teeth are about 1.4"-1.6" long.

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Crystalmood Carved Bubinga Wood Wide-Tooth Pocket Comb Cloud
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