Exquisite Hand Carved Xiu Jade Hair Stick Yulan

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Tastefully exuding a summer feel from a beautiful begonia, this handcrafted Xiu jade hair stick is an elegant floral accent to give your hair twists and buns a classic and graceful aura.

Jade products are very fragile. Handle with care. Wear as decoration after hair is styled. Not recommend to use as styling tool.

Measurements: 6.75" long; head part: 1.5" by 1"; thickness: 8-9mm near head part; 3-4mm close to the tip

Xiu jade(Xiuyan Jade) really is a very special category of nephrite jade. This type of nephrite comes from Xiuyan city in Liaoning Province in northeastern China where it is mined locally. It usually comes in natural light green color and can be very translucent. The color is fairly uniform, however, variations in the saturation of green often present and the color may range from ivory to dark green, sometimes with a yellow accent. 

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Exquisite Hand Carved Xiu Jade Hair Stick Yulan
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