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Handmade Buffalo Horn Hair Comb with Handle Phoenix

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Everything about this comb is fiery and mythical. This elaborate piece is explicitly handcrafted with the artistic plumage and lush tail of a magnificent phoenix. The phoenix is the ultimate representation of the sun, transformation, and mystical rebirth. Just like the phoenix, this comb can give the splendid glow of a renewed healthy hair. It is made of whole piece of natural buffalo horn that is excellent for fragile hair and sensitive scalp. Its teeth are designed with pointing tips to massage your scalp. Pair it with the matching Dragon comb for a perfect wedding gift!

Phoenix feathers are directly carved in thin layers on the horn and can be felt if touch the handle backwards. The tips are sharper than in other combs.

Measurements: 7.2" long, 2.25" tall; 3.25" long handle; teeth part is about 3" wide and 1.25" - 1.85" long.

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Handmade Buffalo Horn Hair Comb with Handle Phoenix
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