Handmade Miao Ethnic Tribal Dangle for 2-pc Headpiece Set

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Dangle only. Use it with an Miao insert.

The end of the Miao hair stick is usually very sharp. Please be careful and keep it out of reach of children.

Measurements: 2.5" wide by 1.5" tall (not including the hook), plus 2.5" tassels

The Miao people - an ethnic group from southwest China, known for their beautiful decorative embroidery and metalwork, which has made its way into the mainstream in the form of amazing Miao-style hair jewelry. Miao craftsmen and artists developed their skills in relative isolation from other metal arts, which led to some techniques and stylings that are not seen elsewhere. Miao metalwork includes two major types: in real silver or in "Miao Silver", which is actually cupronickel, an alloy of nickel and copper. Real silver pieces are usually made of pure 99% silver, which is in its original silver white color, and the finished pieces are very soft. "Miao silver" pieces, however, usually are applied with dark tone to achieve an antique look. In modern days, Miao craftsman uses chemicals to oxidize the piece, or use plant ash to dust the surface of metalwork - same technique has been seen on some Tibetan jewelry and crafts - then cleanse the dust on the surface to bring out depth and emphasize the patterns. The color filler can be washed off easily with soap if not desired.

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Handmade Miao Ethnic Tribal Dangle for 2-pc Headpiece Set
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