Handmade Thailand Fossilwood 2-Prong Lacquered Leaves Hair Stick

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Handmade fossilwood hair fork/hair stick with colorful hand painting on the front. Add a zest of spring and summer to your everyday getup. This 2-Prong ornate hair stick is finely hand painted with delicate and captivating flowers that exudes beauty, charm and grace. The splendor of flowers and the touch of color signify a blossoming day ahead. This hair stick completes the look that is perfect for the lush beaches, Hawaiian escapades, and the season's festivities. So if you want the warmth of summer and the colors of spring, this is exactly what you are looking for.

The stick part is rather thin; recommend to use as decoration rather than styling tool.

Measurements: 6.1" long; head part: 1.5" by 1.5"; thickness: 6-7mm near head part; 3-4mm close to the tip

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Handmade Thailand Fossilwood 2-Prong Lacquered Leaves Hair Stick
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